7807 Bluff Point Dr. STE 140. Houston, TX 77086
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As a global supplier of quality electronic parts and components, we price competitively and leverage our efficiency in the market for all electronic parts and components.

Countries Served

Our warehouse is centrally located in a global HUB within Houston, TX. We are providing our customers with an opportunity to utilize our expertise in the complex global marketplace. We're dedicated to your business success because of our ability to execute when it matters most.

Parts On Hand

Our Customers in the Technology Industries trust our purchasing process for hard-to-find parts. We source and deliver to a global supply network minimizing losses related to returns.

Supported Industries

Aerospace / Defense

Automotive / Transportation

Cloud Computing / HPC

Communications / Networking

Consumer Technologies / IOT

Energy / Metering

Enterprise / Servers


Lighting / Displays


Mobile Phones


Repair / Servicing


Robotics AI

Storage (Servers)

Testing / Lab Equipment

Workstation / Laptop

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Your organization deserves the responsiveness of a world-class logistics company that sets the industry standard for efficiency. We are dedicated to delivering quality that exceeds expectations. We specialize in managing the complete lifecycle of your technology products and provide customized solutions that drive your organization forward.